Week 5: Barcelona

Ciao ciao!

I’m going to start this post off by admitting that I did not do the cultural thing in Barcelona, so apologies to all the haters but a girl has to have fun sometimes. I’d like to give everyone a warning in advance that everything I talk about from abroadfest is quite basic but please don’t judge me for it. Overall, the main thing I learned this weekend is that Barcelona is a real party.

Side note: from now on if you are unfamiliar with college lingo I encourage you to visit urbandictionary.com for any assistance in understanding what I am saying.

Anyways, we arrived in Barcelona Thursday evening and the first thing we did was pick up our tickets for abroadfest. After I had seen everyone I’ve ever met in my entire life, we went to a bar and ordered unreal Sangria and nachos. Obviously this was the ideal way to start off the festivities in Spain. We quickly learned that people in Spain eat dinner ridiculously late to the point where it’s actually considered weird to get dinner before 9pm (but considering what time people go out, I guess it makes sense). Night 1 we went to Razzmatazz and saw Chainsmokers. Razzmatazz was a huge club with a weird bathroom that had a DJ on the line to pee. In between the boys and girls bathroom was basically a mixer and just real odd. The club was disgustingly sweaty (to the point where I had to shower when I got home), but the Chainsmokers were awesome so it made it worth it. They killed it and played Roses like 3 times which I definitely didn’t mind. They really do know how to do things right in Barce. A+ for Razzmatazz.

Surprisingly I was the only one who woke up without a hangover (#blessed). We finally made it to brunch at Brunch & Cake by 3pm (I guess at this point it was more of a Linner?) and I had some real tasty avocado toast before heading to The W to pregame for the darty* with Barrett and Jordan (I promised them a shoutout this week so here you go guys!). Let’s just say that it didn’t even compare to my lovely hostel with bunk beds. The W is straight luxury. When the pregame with the gorgeous views and disgusting vodka shots came to a close, we made our way to Shoko where the darty was happenin. After overly enthusiastic reunions with camp friends I had never actually spoken to at camp, people I hadn’t seen in years, and many games of Jewish Geography, the sun set and it was time to prepare ourselves for the night ahead. We went to a quick dinner, napped, and then made a quick turnaround to go back out and start pregaming yet again. Night 2 confirmed my fears that Opium is > Space. As much as I love all the great times space has provided, opium was LIT. The club was legendary, ridiculously large, and you could definitely find a section of the club for the vibes you were feeling: outside for more a chill and relaxing experience, in the center of the club for a rave, or inside on the outskirts of the rave for more of a classic, space-like experience. It also felt like home because the Florence promoters were there.

The next morning we went to brunch at Federal Cafe, which was good but standard. We then went to Park Guell (confession that this may have been the only touristy spot I visited but whatever). We didn’t go to the famous mosaic benches because they cost 8 euros to sit on and the next available time for ticket admission was almost 2 hours later, which was pretty ridiculous. Instead we just walked around the park, which was full of beautiful Gaudi Art. After a pit stop at Happy Pills for some candy (sorry for scaring you with the credit card charge at Happy Pills mom!), I decided to go darty (wearing my tourist clothes and what my friends like to refer to as my “mom bag”). I arrived sober so naturally the situation called for some tequila shots and in no time I was dartying like a champ. The darty was at Opium again, and only made me love that place even more. It also didn’t hurt that my beloved Florence promoter, Brian, gave me a bottle of champagne (unless I dreamt that one). After that I got an amazing but pretty gross dinner at Wok to Walk, since the wait for the Tapas place was too long. That was how I ended my “uncharacteristic” weekend of partying in Barcelona. This weekend I’m staying in Florence to recover and prepare myself both physically and mentally for St. Pattys in Dublin. I’m sure that post will be thematically similar to this one, so if you had fun reading about my partying adventures get pumped for that post. I hope you enjoyed living vicariously through my Barcelona club tour, and hopefully my weekend in Florence will be exciting enough to write about. Thanks for reading my blog for so long, and sorry if this post made you not want to read it any more.

Ciao for now!



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