Week 7: Dublin

Ciao Ciao!

I’m back from my 2 week hiatus to update all my fans on the latest and greatest of my abroad adventures. Last weekend I stayed in Florence, and the only thing worthy of reporting is that I successfully climbed the 400+ steps to the top of the Duomo (and I didn’t even need my inhaler WOO). Now I’ll move on to Dublin which was actually the greatest weekend. Once again, there isn’t so much that took place outside of the bar, but I’ll do my best to keep it entertaining.

Wednesday night we left Florence and flew to Dublin, and I knew right when I stepped out of the airport that I was vibing with Ireland. I cannot describe how relieving it was to see english everywhere – on street signs, stores and being spoken, even though it did take some adjusting to get used to the cars driving on the opposite side of the road. Next we arrived at the Fleet Street Hotel and were pleased to find a TGI Friday’s attached to the hotel (score). Lucky enough, our hotel room ended up being handicap accessible and the bathroom was bigger than my room in Florence. Once again, Europe did not fail to present the most bizarre shower…this time there were no shower doors whatsoever and the shower head had some mood lighting (which made it real interesting). Enough about the shower, though, and I’ll get to the real good stuff.

Thursday morning comfortingly reminded me of an Ann Arbor gamed – we woke up around 8:30am and headed to Carroll’s Irish Gifts (my new favorite store) to purchase some shamrockin’ accessories. We then had some breakfast, got all Irish-looking and hit the hotel terrace for a pregame full of Jewish geography and reuniting with friends of friends. Once I was sufficiently full with some Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey, we head out to the Temple Bar area to Fitzsimmons, where I would basically spend my entire weekend. Fitzsimmons is basically a 4 story bar and the terrace was the place to be. It took about 20 minutes to get a drink from the bar, but it was fine because I am great at mooching off other people to get them to buy me drinks (that’s for you mom – budgeting!). After a few more hours in the bar, it was time to head home for a nice nap and the first of many trips to Fridays for mozzarella sticks and french fries. Somehow that night I was 1/3 roommates who made it out to rally even though standing in a bar again was nauseating.

The next morning was basically the same deal, except it wasn’t officially St. Patrick’s Day anymore :(. We woke up, went to breakfast and head back to the hotel to get dressed and pregame. When we arrived to the terrace, we realized everyone was still wearing green, so we ran back to the room to quickly insert our green hair extensions and of course some shamrock tattoos. Seriously though, what’s a day drink without a Michigan face sticker or tattoo under the left eye? It just makes it fun, ya know?! Moving on, of course we also went to Fitz on Friday and I left early to take a nap and eat some snacks. Confessions: I may have visited Friday’s twice on Friday. Then again, it’s called Friday’s for a reason, right?! Even though that day I drunkenly took a nap in the hallway of the hotel on a buddha statue, that night we went to sleep early because we were exhausted.

And now comes the touristy stuff! Despite having woken up at 7:30am with my girl Sammy Silverman (shoutout, as promised) to catch a bus to the Cliffs of Moher, we were ready for an awesome day. The bus ride to the cliffs was much longer than I expected and with the multiple rest stops we made it took close to 4 hours to get there. I guess I was thankful for the built in nap time, though the tour guide was slightly irritating and felt the need to pretend that leprechauns were real. When we arrived at the cliffs it was a little chilly, but was really awesome. I found out while I was there that Harry Potter was partially filmed there, which is awesome. It was slightly terrifying that everyone was stepping over the safety wall to take cool pictures, but I guess it’s fine because I made it back to tell the story. I’m sure by this point you have all seen my mom’s photo of me captioned “My beautiful jewish girl on beautiful Irish cliffs!” – so thanks for that mom! Hope you all enjoyed that lovely publicity of my weekend activities. After the cliffs, we went to this small pub for a weird lunch and then had one more stop at the mini cliffs, which were basically lots of rocks looking over the water – your classic pretty view. After the next 3 hours of riding the bus, we got back to the hotel and prepared to go to the bars yet again! We went to Welshed where everyone was watching March Madness, and then (of course!) ended the night at Fitz for one last final hoorah of every Jew and their friends socializing with their friends’ friends.

Friday morning we woke up and went to a tasty bagel shop, which obviously didn’t even compare to NY bagels in the slightest, but were sufficiently satisfying. We then explored the city a bit and made our way to the airport to return home. All in all, Dublin was really an awesome city and one of the places I would recommend as a place that anyone studying abroad in Europe has to visit. I have a newfound appreciation for St. Patrick and I’d like to thank the Irish for some great potatoes and even greater St. Paddy’s day accessories which I will admit I will be sporting in Michigan next year, wishing I was celebrating the big day in Dublin. Lucky for all my readers, after my final midterm at 9am tomorrow morning I leave Thursday for spring break! Get pumped to hear about my adventures in Santorini (@Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants fans #dreamcometrue), London and The Amalfi Coast. Let’s hope I have a nice golden tan to write about next weekend because at the moment I am suffering from an ear infection and look like a pale ghost. Hope you didn’t miss me too much last week, and can’t wait to update you all on my exciting spring break plans after I explore some more of the world. Until then, feel free to stalk my pictures on Facebook or follow me on snapchat/instagram to stay up to date with my exciting life.

Ciao for now!



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