Week 9: Spring Break

Ciao Ciao!

Hope you didn’t miss my updates too much, but the good news is I’m back for now! After a week of [barely] studying for exams and catching up on sleep after Dublin, Thursday night I departed for the Rome airport to fly to Santorini. Despite a delay, we boarded the flight and took off on our 2 and a half hour journey to Greece. As we were about to land, however, the plane flew out of control and the pilot announced we had to delay landing due to extreme conditions in Santorini. We circled above the island for about a half hour, until we were told we had to turn around and fly ALL THE WAY BACK TO ROME due to weather conditions. Keep in mind that I was flying a budget airline which was hesitant to even offer free water to us passengers, and they didn’t even have an option to purchase wifi, so I just had to hang tight while I knew my mom was probably having an anxiety attack since she had yet to hear from me. Fast forward 5.5 hours and we land safely in Rome. The airline put us up in a Hilton for the night and though it had an unreal breakfast buffet I was not feeling the idea of getting back on to a plane. Due to that and a few other factors, I headed back to Florence – which turned out to be the best decision.

Coincidentally, my friend Aaron was able to reroute his spring break vacation and come visit me in Florence, which ended up being an awesome time. Even though I woke up Thursday morning with a sprained foot and had to limp around Florence to get an x-ray, I would still call my week a success.Aside from my relaxing week spent enjoying my alone time (which is honestly a rarity abroad), Thursday night I went on a Bus2Alps trip to the Amalfi Coast, which, to say the least, was GORGEOUS.

We arrived in Sorrento at the Sisters’ Hostel at around 3am after about 6 hours spent on a bus to find a room that looked like it was straight out of Annie’s “It’s a Hard Knock Life”. There were five beds lined up in a row and the walls were bare, aside from a decoration featuring Jesus on the cross (which still had a price sticker on it; it was 15 euros if you are curious to know). We woke up at around 7am only to find out that the guide on our bus neglected to tell us that our hostel had a different wake-up time than his, so we could have slept for another hour. Let’s just say we were less than thrilled with Jarrett for this mishap. After waiting around for an hour, we finally departed for Positano.

Positano was unbelievably gorgeous, and the views were unreal. The water was so blue and the beach was black sand and rocks, which was surprisingly comfortable to lie out on. We purchased a bottle of wine and hit the beach in the hopes of no longer looking like ghosts. Unfortunately I was slightly idiotic and forgot to bring my sunscreen (which, if you know me well you know that I am allergic to like everything so there was no way I was finding sunscreen by the beach). Naturally, I turned into a lobster – still praying that the burn turns into a golden tan because that would obviously be ideal. After a day of tanning, drinking wine and exploring the cool alleyways in Positano, we headed back to the hostel for the worst low-pressure shower of my life. That night we left the hotel at 8:45pm and took a bus into downtown Sorrento, where we got dinner. The service was terrible and we didn’t eat until after 10pm! I definitely would not recommend this restaurant to anyone I like. I was a party pooper that night and skipped out on going out because my sunburn killed and I was exhausted.

The next morning we had to be ready to leave by 6:45am which was, yet again, brutal. We went to the Sorrento port and caught a ferry to Capri, where we boarded another boat. It was a bit chillier on Saturday than we had anticipated, but the views made up for being uncomfortable. We stopped off at the Blue Grotto, one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the world; it’s basically a little cave that you can take a rowboat into, and the light reflects in such an awesome way that it makes the water look neon blue. Even though I accidentally dropped my camera in the water for a hot sec and the price to enter was pretty steep, it was totally worth it to see. After checking out the Blue Grotto our boat tour continued to circle around Capri where the next view was only more breathtaking than the last. It was such a relaxing morning and I would highly recommend a boat tour around Capri to anyone planning a trip to the Amalfi Coast! After the boat tour we traveled to the town of Capri, where we got Granitas, which are basically slushy drinks made from fresh oranges and lemons (which are the Amalfi Coast’s thing). As we continued up to Anacapri, the sights only got sicker. We stopped off at a sandal shop where I got an awesome pair of custom Italian leather sandals and ate an incredible eggplant parmesan calzone for lunch. We also took the chairlift up Mount Solaro, which is the tip of Capri. The chairlift was a single person chair which was half fun and half terrifying. At the top, we took pictures (see above), hung out and enjoyed the sun before heading back down. We then took an open top taxi back down to the Capri Marina Grande, which was the perfect way to end our scenic trip through Capri. After ferrying back to Sorrento, we showered and relaxed before heading to a small seafood restaurant for dinner (where I obviously did not order seafood). After attempting to go out and failing miserably, we headed back to the hostel.

Sunday morning we went to Pompeii, which was pretty awesome. It was surprising to see how much of the city was still in tact and to imagine how beautiful it must have been back in the day. We saw the famous mummified bodies and dog (which was pretty anticlimactic) and explored the ancient town with our tour guide Marcello – roll the “r”. After checking out the ruins and catching a glimpse of Mount Vesuvius we grabbed a bit to eat and headed back to Florence. Overall, the Amalfi Coast was definitely up there with one of my favorite spots that I have visited while abroad. Even though the water pressure was shitty at our hostel and literally none of the toilets had toilet seats, the breathtaking views, awesome weather and unbelievably fresh oranges and lemons make up for it. If you take away anything from the post, let it be that: 1 – remember to bring sunscreen with you, and 2 – GO TO THE AMALFI COAST, its incredible. This weekend I’m staying in Florence again, so I’ll update you all if anything blog-worthy happens. Until then, enjoy stalking my album on Facebook.

Ciao for now!



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